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OM Biotec
OM Biotec OM Biotec OM Biotec OM Biotec
OM Biotec OM Biotec
OM Biotec
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Company Profile

OM Biotec
OM BIOTEC (A unit of Om International) has Certified ISO 9001:2000, is the Manufacturer and Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products and in the trade since 1997. Our products range encompasses of only Pharmaceutical formulation in the dosage forms like Injectables, Capsules, Tablets, Syrup & Suspension, Eye/Ear Drops, Ointments and Nutritional Powders.

Quality Assurance
Our unwavering efforts in maintaining the quality of our pharmaceutical medicines begins right from the procurement process. We source our gamut of medicines from reliable and trusted associates in the industry.
Client Satisfaction
Our ethical business practices as an exporters and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, has enable us in making trusted partners throughout the domestic as well as in the global market. We are able to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Our Product Range
Anti-Biotics   |   Anti-Asthamatics   |   Antiviral   |   Anti Diahorreal   |   Anti – Emetics   |   Anti-Fungals   |   Anti-Histamines   |   Anti-Hypertensives   |   Anti-Helmintics
Anti Infective   |   Anti Inflamatory   |   Anti Spasmodic   |   Anabolic Steroid   |   Anti Septic   |   Anti Tuberculosis   |   Cough and Cold Management   |   Calcium,Iron and Vitamin
Corticosteroid   |   Diabetics   |   Enzyme   |   Gastroenterologicals   |   Harmones   |   Multivitamins / Multiminerals   |   Nasal Decongestant   |   Nootropic   |   Dietry Supplement   
  Anti Coagulants   |   Lotion   |   Antacid   |   Anti-Protozoal   |   DI-Uretic   |   Local Anaesthetic   |   Laxatives   |   Herbal Drugs   |   Anti -Malarial   |   Analgesic and Antipyretics   |   Erectile Dysfunction